Sustainable design

The spheres were compressed from smaller amber shards and cracked pieces that would normally be powdered into cosmetics products or discarded as too brittle or undersized for jewellery use. By way of recycling the precious natural material our technicians arrived at a sustainable but more durable version of amber. Formed under huge pressure the medium is so hard that, for instance it does not crack if accidentally dropped from hight on a hard surface, which is not always the case with normal amber. Pressed amber retains the same electrostatic properties that prompted ancient greeks to give amber the name of “electron”. Baltic amber bits and amber only is used in production so you can be assured that it still gives off that piney smell when rubbed hard or heated. So no artificial additives are used.

We deliberately do not polish our beads till they are glosssy and leave the surface slightly raw because it greatly increases the surface area on microscopic level and consequently there is more contact with wearer`s skin to boost the healing properties of amber.

Sustainable design process wheel recycled